Concrete Work

Fisher Brothers concrete work.

Concrete Options

In-House Concrete Crew

Fisher Brothers Builders maintains a dedicated in-house crew of employees who specialize in concrete work. For bigger concrete pours we put "all hands on deck" to finish the job as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Building Construction

Flat Cement Work

We offer pouring and finishing the concrete in pole buildings, garages, and houses we build. In addition, we can send our in-house crew out to install exterior aprons, sidewalks, patios, and other flat-work cement projects.

Building Construction

Perma-Column Post

If your project is located in an area where post rot is a concern, consider having Perma-Column post bases installed. We can also get brackets to attach posts to existing concrete slabs.

Building Construction

Post Protectors

While post rot is not a concern in most applications, we do offer several options for protecting posts including post sleeves or the Green Post option.

Building Construction

Standard Specifications

  • Our standard concrete is 5" 3500 PSI
  • Trowel or broom finishes available
  • Control joints cut with a Soft-Cut® saw for thin, neat joint lines
Building Construction

Additional Options

  • Fiber and/or rewire reinforcement
  • Thicker pours and/or 4000 PSI cement
  • Sealed finishes
  • In-floor PEX heat tubing installation
  • Concrete pumping for hard-to reach areas
Building Construction
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Decorative Concrete

Concrete has always been the sensible, durable choice for people who wanted to choose practical, weatherproof building materials that would stand the test of time. Decorative Stamped Concrete has crossed those qualities with cutting edge, contemporary design to bring beauty and character to your next project.

We are proud to have our own in-house Stamped Concrete Specialist, Joel Bragwell! Joel is passionate about concrete and directs a great team in creating the appearance of brick, stone, slate, tile, wood or anything else anyone can think of. Joel is on site for EVERY project. Each concrete project, regardless of size, receives the same level of expertise and attention. A wide variety of styles, colors and design patterns are available.

If you want to bring your project to life, and to be the envy of your neighbors, consider including a decorative driveway, patio, pool deck, porch, sidewalk or even concrete counter tops to whatever you are dreaming up!

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See our Concrete Work Galleries

Building ConstructionBuilding ConstructionBuilding ConstructionBuilding Construction